Travel Memoir

Keeping a child interested in Berlin

Trabiworld, Berlin — Credit: Author


I’ve visited Germany many times. Most memorable was a trip to Bonn for a weekend in 1998. If contemporary history is your thing, the Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (in English: Museum of the Federal Republic of Germany) is the place for you. In fact, it’s one of my favorite museums in the world. It spans the Federal Republic of Germany from the Second World War’s conclusion right up to the present day.

The very day of my visit in 1998 coincided with the election of the new German Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder. I literally watched the preliminary election results…

Travel Memoir. Cheshire. British Isles.

A couple of days in Cheshire with a seven-year-old.

The Mark I Telescope at the Jodrell Bank Observatory — Credit: Author

The Jodrell Bank Observatory

After another sumptuous breakfast at the Talardy Hotel, Des (my seven-year old) and I loaded snacks in the car before heading east on the A55 towards England. We crossed the national boundary where we were greeted by a sign that simply read “England,” without the slightest hint of a “Welcome.” I found this terribly disappointing.

Our destination was the telescope at the Jodrell Bank Observatory. Des was excited because he expected to put his eye to something and see a constellation. …

Travel Memoir. Wales.

A Couple of Days in Wales with my Seven-Year-Old

Des making new friends in St. Asaph — Credit: Author

St. Asaph — The City That Assumed It Was

I wasn’t going to write much about St. Asaph because even though I’d been going there for about fifteen years, I’d completely taken its quaintness and beauty for granted. However, it’s a charming little place with an extraordinary history and deserves more than just a passing mention.

Travel Memoir

The Journey to Wales

Desmond — Credit: Author

“Des is sick.”

My heart sank as I hung up the call with his mom.

Des, my son, had a fever and spent part of the night huddled around the toilet. I called American Airlines as soon as I knew, but, as you’d expect the only options they gave were ones I couldn’t afford. The airline would happily re-book us the following day for the princely sum of $7,004, and that’s not an exaggeration. The rep went out of his way to remind me that we should have bought flexible tickets. I went out of my way to remind him…

Life Lessons

The day I moved to the United States

This is not Hassan. (Photo by Bambi Corro on Unsplash)

The exact moment when I realized I wasn’t dressed to match the moment isn’t clear to me now, but it was somewhere over the Atlantic, probably a couple of hundred miles south of Greenland.

My neighboring passenger, Hassan, from Tripoli (the one in Lebanon, not Libya), was a happy, kind, and enthusiastic gentleman. He was middle eastern, probably about my age — mid-twenties, shaven, and neat, very well dressed and was super excited about beginning his new life in the United States. I knew he was excited because he couldn’t stop talking about it. Hassan made the effort, a giant…

AT&T Park (Now Oracle Park), San Francisco, CA (Photo Credit: Mark Ainscow)

Photo Credit: Author

Photos That Take Me Back To Childhood Dreams

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Dad/Husband/UXer/Photographer/Brit/Yank/BWFC/Red Sox — Taker of photos and writer of a few words to surround them.

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